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Wine Cellar Cooling in Cold Climates

Wine Cellar Cooling in Your Area

Should I heat my wine cellar? In many cases, especially in northern climates, the answer is yes. Any cellars that would be subject to ambient temperatures below 55°F (13°C) should be protected with a heating coil. Without the ability to heat, a cooling unit can do nothing if the temperature in the cellar falls below

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Bottle Probes

Wine Temperature Control Technology

Bottle probes are never an effective way of accurately gauging the conditions of your cellar. When designing your wine cellar, you want to ensure stable wine temperatures for proper preservation and aging of the wine. The vast majority of sensors used to control temperature in wine-cellar air conditioners (irrespective of brand) are accurate to +/- 1°F

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Wine Guardian Announces DS050 Split Cooling System


Wine Guardian is excited to announce a new addition to its line of ducted split wine cellar cooling units! The DS050 is the newest ductable split system and has a capacity up to 6,300 BTU/H. The DS050 was designed and built to create a complete split cooling system that perfectly matches the evaporator and condenser

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