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A love of fine wines is not limited to one particular part of the world. That’s why, no matter where you are, no matter what your climate, Wine Guardian can deliver the wine cellar cooling system you need to preserve your collection. Whether installed in your home, restaurant or storage facility, Wine Guardian wine room cooling systems provide optimal temperature and humidity control with exceptional performance, energy efficiency, reliability and sleek, modern designs.

Worldwide Distribution

Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling systems are available for sale around the world. See our Wine Guardian distributor page to locate a distributor in your country. If your country is not listed, please reach out to us directly for more information.

Wine Guardian designs and manufactures a variety of equipment in either 50Hz or 60Hz, so it meets your local frequency requirements. In addition, we manufacture systems that meet local certification standards (such as CE in Europe and CCC in China).  Here is a list of products we sell to customers in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Central & South America:

  • Self-Contained or Ducted Systems, Through-the-Wall Units, and Split Systems
  • Humidification – Freestanding and integrated models
  • Controls – Remote monitoring and sensing, alarm and communications capabilities
  • Water-cooled (ductable) systems – Outdoor venting is not necessary for operation
  • Electric heat and low ambient options
  • Duct collars and discharge adapters – For applications flexibility and exhausting hot air from cellar

European Sales Office

Wine Guardian opened a European Sales office in Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 2016. The new sales office strengthens Wine Guardian’s presence in Europe and further boosts its growing global sales. The office will offer sales and support Wine Guardian sales office Switzerlandof the Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling systems for countries in the heart of European such as Germany and France and extends to other countries from Ireland and Greece just to name a few.

The strategic location in the beautiful city of Schaffhausen, Switzerland positions Wine Guardian to add greater value to our growing customer base in Europe.

Wine Guardian is a division of Air Innovations (headquarters in Syracuse, New York, USA) and has been selling in Europe for 10 years. John Patalita, Wine Guardian’s Export Manager and Michael Wetzel, President and CEO of Air Innovations, have long European ties both having lived and worked there throughout their careers.

Wine Guardian, is a world leader in wine preservation. Wine Guardian systems deliver superior performance in temperature and humidity to ensure quiet and perfect conditions for each wine collection, whether installed in commercial or residential cellars. Wine Guardian offers multiple installation configurations, including ducted, ducted split and through-the-wall systems—all with numerous options and sensing, monitoring and alarm capabilities. Wine Guardian systems incorporate cooling, heating, filtration, ducting, internal safety devices and high or low ambient control as integrated solutions. Humidification can be built into the system at the time of order or added separately