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Celebrating a Decade-Long Partnership with Wine Cellar Innovations

10-Year Partner Logo

At the heart of the Wine Cellar Innovations’ operation is a 350,000 square foot facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they design and craft custom wine cellars and storage solutions for clients worldwide. The company also sells separate wine racks, cabinets, doors, and cooling systems that complement any budget. Wine Cellar Innovations has even designed a Wine Rack Kit Series, which is a mass-produced solution for the avid DIYer. What differentiates the company from its competition is the attention paid to craftsmanship and the breadth of products it offers and customizes. Wine Cellar Innovations is poised to bring to fruition any wine storage application, and Wine Guardian is delighted to have been a valued partner for over a decade.


Wine Cellar Innovations may have been around since 1984, but there is nothing old fashioned about their business. In fact, the company prides itself on innovation. From conceiving new methods to manufacturing wine cellar components or from experimenting with unique racking materials to customizing wood stains, they are always seeking inventive ways of doing things. With 80% of their business serving the residential market, Wine Cellar Innovations has seen wine cellars come out of basements and morph into elegant wine walls and cabinets that are as much art as they are functional. Many wine displays are now a central design element built into new-construction homes, which comprise half of its residential business. By focusing as much on design as on robust engineering, the company can meet the needs of discerning architects, builders, and end-users.

Lunch & Learn

Education is a core component of the Wine Cellar Innovations experience, which often begins long before architects, real estate agents, and other individuals are even customers. The company hosts “Lunch & Learn” sessions as a complimentary service to various groups interested in learning more about building and cooling wine cellars. The purpose of these meetings is to outline the factors that have the greatest influence on executing a successful wine storage space, including placement of the cellar, insulation, materials, and lighting. The goal is also to help prospective clients understand how important it is to integrate cooling technology into the design process.

A Custom Experience

The aesthetic of wine storage has changed as cellars have moved out of the basement into living areas. Wine Cellar Innovations has found that traditional wood racking is being replaced by cables and acrylic, more glass is being incorporated in wine displays, and weathered finishes are gaining popularity over, wood stain. Wine lovers want a space to look different from everyone else’s. To that end, Wine Cellar Innovations has the facility and experience to customize cabinetry, doors, racking, and even stain.

“We get a lot of great ideas from our clients. They come to us with really interesting visions utilizing unique materials, but they don’t have the know-how to make their drawings work in the real world. This is where our experience and willingness to experiment comes into play. We love the opportunity to collaborate with our clients to customize beautiful spaces for them,” said Erik Kuehne, Sales for Wine Cellar Innovations.

Wine Cellar Innovations has no doubt that a customized wine cellar is only as good as its cooling system. Their go-to Wine Guardian solution is the ducted system, because of its versatility to fit a variety of applications.

“The packaged ducted systems enable my builders to plugin and go. The units have one duct for the supply air, one for the return, and one dedicated circuit. Anything that makes the lives of my customers easier – and is as reliable as these units are – is a win-win for everyone,”

–Erik Kuehne, Sales, Wine Cellar Innovations