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Celsius Project Gallery

Below is a collection of pictures from projects our distributor Celsius Equipment Pte Ltd has created using Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units.


This first gallery of photos is of the cellar created in the Bread street Kitchen restaurant at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. A WG25 through-the-wall cooling unit and a WG100 ducted cooling unit were both used in this project.

  • WG 25 Smaller
  • WG 25 (3) Smaller
  • WG25 Celsius
  • WG 100 smaller


This project is located at LGB in Kuala Lumpur. A WG175 ducted Wine Guardian cooling unit was used for this project.

  • Kuala Lampur WG 175
  • Kuala Lampur WG 175 Ladder Small


This wine cellar was created for a project named 7 Swettenham Close and utilizes a ducted WG175 Wine Guardian unit.

  • WG 175


The Wine Reserve at Changi Airport (Terminal 2) has a wine storage created by Celsius Equipment and cooled by a Wine Guardian WGS175 split system.

  • WGS 175 (2)
  • WGS 175


The Spago restaurant at Marina Bay Sands is another restaurant Celsius has created a wine cellar for. This project employs a WG25 through-the-wall system for conditioning.

  • 10xWG25