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Changing the Power Cord location on Through-The-Wall Units

The power cord is factory wired on the condenser side of the system. If you require the cord on the wine cellar side for plugging into an available outlet, this can be accomplished by removing the 3-wire leads (ground included) and moving the cord to the opposite side control bracket and wire nutting the black, white and green wires to the factory supplied leads. The wires must have the terminations cut off and stripped first.

You must then move the red voltage switch in the opposite direction to move the internal power from the condenser side to the wine cellar side. See the steps below for relocating the power cord.

Relocating the power cord

  1. Remove Face Plates from both ends of unit by removing two screws at the top of each cover. Pull each cover down and away from unit.
  1. At the condenser end of the unit (warm air side) slide the power control switch to the opposite position to move power from the condenser end to the wine room end.
  1. At the condenser end (warm air side) of the unit unscrew the ground lug from chassis and remove the green wire connected to the power cord as shown.
  1. Re-attach the ground lug onto the chassis and ensure the other two green ground wires are secure and attached back onto the chassis as shown.
  1. Use pliers or flat blade screw driver to push in the tab on the side of the grommet that holds the power cord within the chassis bracket. Pull down on power cord to release from bracket. Power cord can be rotated for easier access to tab.
  1. Disconnect the black and white wires from the power control switch at the back of the bracket as shown.
  1. Cut and strip the Black, White and Green wires at the end of the power cord.
  1. At the evaporator side (wine room side) of the unit feed the Black, White and Green wires from the power cord up through the hole in the bottom of the bracket until grommet snaps into place.
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