Wine Cellar Cooling and Luxury Goods Preservation

Wine Guardian Pro Systems are the most versatile specialty cooling systems on the market. Applications include wine cellars; art or document preservation; instrument or fur storage; computer closets; niche environments, hot spots, and more. These units are ideal for use where temperature and humidity control is critical to the protecting such applications as shown below.

wine storage Ideal temperature for wine storage is 55-57 degrees F with an average 60% relative humidity.
Man in computer room Best temperatures for art and document storage range between 65-75 degrees F and 47-55% humidity.
cigar storage A consistent temperature of 60-70 degrees F and a relative humidity of 72-72% keep your cigars in perfect shape.
fur storage Optimal temperatures for storing fur would be between 34-45 degrees F with humidity between 45 and 55%.
music storage Optimal storage for musical instruments storage would be around 70 degrees F with 40 – 50%RH.
 aquariums Other applications include; hot spots, aquarium rooms or any other application that requires temperature and humidity control.

Wine Guardian Pro Systems are available in cooling capacities from 3,400 to 15,680 BTU/H, and have unique options such as 24-volt electronics for use with today’s smart thermostats and a bolt-on humidifier. The Pro Ducted Systems are available in water-cooled or air-cooled models.

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