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Ideal for Wholesale and Commercial Construction

Wine Guardian cooling systems are engineered for maximum versatility, efficiency, and ease of use when it comes to storing and aging wine. Wine Guardian Pro units take this standard of excellence one step further to address the unique needs of the wholesale community. From distributors to refrigeration wholesalers to HVAC installation professionals, the Wine Guardian Pro series makes installation, customization and maintenance of our solutions—for commercial or larger residential applications—seamless.

Wine Guardian Pro specialty commercial & residential HVAC systems are the most versatile specialty cooling systems on the market. These units can be utilized in a variety of scenarios where temperature and humidity control are needed to protect valuables. In addition to wine, our specialty cooling systems preserve instruments, fur, cigars, art and documents, and even server-room equipment, from the harmful effects of heat and humidity. These units can be used in nearly any application.

The Pro Ducted systems are ideally suited to floor, ceiling, or wall applications. They are available in both water- and air-cooled options.


The Wine Guardian Pro series has a number of features that facilitate a straightforward installation. The systems are constructed of lightweight aluminum with built-in lift handles making it easier to manage and position the device.

Once the units are in place, the process of getting the systems up and running has been engineered with ease in mind. First, the multi-panel design makes it possible to custom configure the setup for a particular application through up to three ductwork connections. These ductwork connections are on both the evaporator and condenser units. Also, integral refrigerant sight glass enables a technician to determine the correct equipment charge, while charging the entire system is easily done through external refrigerant service valves.

The easy plug-and-play design with power cord is standard in all units. Moreover, the primary power, controls, drain, and water-connections are centralized for an efficient utility connection in all Wine Guardian Pro Ducted systems.


Wine Guardian Pro units utilize 24-volt electronics and are Wi-Fi compatible. These features allow for simple integration with today’s smart homes or commercial building management systems. In short, clients can manage a Wine Guardian Pro unit from their existing control system.

Additionally, while our standard units can be customized at the time of ordering with high- or low-ambient protection, the Pro series comes with these options built right in. Wholesalers working with clients across a variety of climates will appreciate having one system with this level of flexibility to meet the individual needs of their customers.

An integral electric heater is another way the Pro series can be customized depending on where a client is storing their wine or valuables. In addition, the Pro series is robust enough to accommodate the retrofitting of a humidifier should a customers’ needs change after purchase.


Wine Guardian Pro units have also been engineered to simplify routine maintenance. For instance, the systems come equipped with sight glass revealing the volume of refrigerant in the system. Technicians are able to quickly view the level of coolant, which eliminates the need for a dedicated gauge. This helps makes service far more efficient.

Maintenance is also improved through a feature that protects the units from potential mechanical glitches. Typically, if a cooling system is under- or overcharged—or experiencing a leak—it will continuously cycle on and off. However, the Wine Guardian Pro units include high- and low-pressure switches that open up and stop the system before damage can be done. In addition, the condenser air intake filter is removable and washable in all ducted systems. The multi-panel design of the fan-coil also ensures access to the fan and nearby electronics.

Lastly, two screws on the outside of the unit make it easy to access the main control panel for routine maintenance of the system.

Note: At this time, our Pro ducted units are not configured to store wine at serving temperature.

All Inclusive

  • 3,760-15,680 BTU/H capacity
  • 24-volt electronics for integration with today’s smart thermostats and building management systems
  • High- and low-pressure safety switches
  • Refrigerant sight glass, filter drier, and access ports
  • Duct collar connections
  • Low ambient protection
  • High ambient protection (on limited models)
  • 5-year compressor warranty


  • Utility piping in one easily accessible location
  • Multiple evaporator and condenser outlet locations (Any of three sides)
  • Easily mountable in floor, ceiling, or wall applications
  • Duct collars on supply & return and intake & exhaust


  • Aluminum body and all-aluminum evaporator coils (fins & tubes) are corrosion-resistant
  • Standard high static pressure fan for extended lengths of ductwork
  • Completely serviceable in the field

Unique Options

  • Bolt-on humidifier
  • Electric heat
  • Water-cooled or air-cooled

Make sure your expected duct runs will be compatible with your pro ducted system by using our basic ductwork calculator.

Sentinel Series | Pro Ducted Cooling Units


Pro Ducted Unit

Wine Guardian Pro Sentinel Series units are the strongest and most energy-efficient wine cellar cooling systems on the market. They provide all the same great temperature and humidity control as our other Pro ducted units, but with a new design that makes them stronger, more durable, and easier to install and service. Currently, the Pro Sentinel Series is available on our DP25 (60Hz) model.

Key features of the Wine Guardian Sentinel Series:

  1. Accessible: Innovative multi-panel design with integral fasteners allows for easy service and maintenance.
  2. Comprehensive: Extended range of temperature and humidity control.
  3. Efficient: Fully insulated cabinet and duct collars for protection in the most demanding applications (including hot and humid climates).
  4. Bold: A stylish and contoured look for the modern homes of today’s customers.
  5. Strong: The most durable wine cooling system on the market.

The ducted Sentinel Series comes with multiple options for your unique wine cellar requirements:

  • Electric Heat Option: Protects wine cellar from low temperature conditions.
  • Water-cooled Configuration

To learn more about the Sentinel Series, visit the Sentinel Series wine cellar cooling units page, download our product brochure, or contact a distributor today!

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MODEL Wine Cellars
Heat (kW) Voltage (Hz)
DP25 3,760 4,425 1.0 115
DP50 6,320 7,835 1.0 115
DP88 9,600 11,300 2.0 230
DP200 15,680 20,500 2.0 230

*See detailed specifications for complete product performance specifications, above table to be used as a guide only, based on 90°F condenser inlet conditions and maximum evaporator airflow at 0.0″ esp.

Maximum advisable operating conditions are ASHRAE rating conditions of 80/50% indoor at 95°F outdoor.

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