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Wine Guardian® Pro Specialty Commercial & Residential HVAC

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Wine Guardian Pro specialty commercial & residential HVAC systems are the most versatile specialty cooling systems on the market. These specialty cooling systems are intended for low temperature air conditioning. Applications include wine cellars, art or document preservation, instrument or fur storage, cheese rooms, computer closets and server room air conditioning, other niche environments, and more. These units can be used in nearly any application.

Wine Guardian Pro HVAC systems are available in cooling capacities from 3,400 to 15,680 BTU/H and have unique options, such as the Moniteur Du Vin wine cellar monitoring system and a bolt-on humidifier. The Pro ducted system is available in water-cooled or air-cooled models.

Specialty Environment HVAC Features

Pro Ducted with Two Duct Collars Aluminum body and all-aluminum evaporator coils (fins & tubes) are corrosion-resistant
low ambient Low ambient control are used when the condenser or outside portion of the unit will be exposed to cold outside air temperatures of 39°F or below
Pro Ducted Without Doors Multiple evaporator outlet locations (any of five sides on Pro Split Systems, three sides on the Pro Ducted Systems)
high ambient High ambient would be used for applications where the Wine Guardian unit will be exposed to extremely warm air, such as attic spaces, crawl spaces or covered outdoor applications
Wine Guardian impeller Standard high static pressure fan for extended lengths or ductwork
Pro System Control Panel Utility connections in one easily accessible location


Control and Sensors

Wine Guardian Pro ducted & split systems have standard 24-volt electronics to work with today’s smart thermostats and building management systems.

Moniteur du Vin

Moniteur du VinMonitors temperature, humidity and power in your wine cellar and will send out alerts via email, text of phone calls if it detects a temperature or humidity reading outside of the range set.

Michael Militi
Wine Guardian Sales Manager
North America
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