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Moniteur du Vin™


Moniteur du Vin™  monitors temperature, humidity and power in your wine cellar and will send out alerts via email, text of phone calls if it detects a temperature or humidity reading outside of the range set. Information is also available via the web-based interface which tracks all data over time. Only available for online purchase to customers with a U.S. shipping address. The Moniteur du Vin system has an associated subscription cost of $119 per year ($9.92 per month).
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The Moniteur du Vin wine cellar monitoring system can be plugged into any standard 110V power outlet. The outlet should be indoors and/or protected from direct contact with the elements (snow, rain, etc.). Moniteur du Vin has internal, self-charging Lithium-Ion battery to keep on monitoring for days in event of a power outage. No internet or phone line is required in the property being monitored. To register the device, you will need to go to and follow the instructions in the Quick Start guide.

U.S. Patent No. 4,910,454