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Water-Cooled D025

This unit is a water-cooled version of our standard D025 wine cellar cooling unit. The Water-Cooled D025 unit requires a year-round water source.


The water-cooled D025 is our smallest packaged ducted system that includes a factory-configured integral water-cooled condensing coil and water-regulating valve. This wine cellar cooling system is Ideal for geothermal, cooling tower and lake water applications. The unit does not require warm condenser air connections, making it an excellent solution when warm-condenser-air venting is not possible. Learn more about water-cooled wine cellar cooling systems.

Available on all configurations of D025 wine cellar cooling systems. These units provide up to 3,760 BTU/H of capacity.

Wine Guardian Water-Cooled Datasheet

Additional information


1000 – 3300 BTU/h


0.29 – 0.97 Kilowatts