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WG25H Through the Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Unit with Heater – 50Hz

WG25H through-the-wall wine conditioning unit with a heater best suited for rooms or large cabinets up to 35 m3 with limited glass and very good insulation.


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Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall Cooling Unit Specifications 50Hz

TTW Options Sheet


This through-the-wall wine conditioning unit with heater is ideal for smaller residential wine cellars. WG25H cooling units are best suited for rooms or large cabinets from 20 m3 to 35 m3 with limited glass and very good insulation. The WG25H is easy to install and can be installed without the support of a contractor. The max capacity of the WG25H unit is 0.41 Kilowatts.

The Wine Guardian heater option acts to warm the air entering the wine cellar in order to maintain a constant set point.
The electric heat option includes the following:
-500-watt integral heater
-Thermal overload protection device and controls

The Wine Guardian through-the-wall unit with heater will either cool or heat the air, but it is not designed to do both at the same time. The Wine Guardian electric heat option must be specified at time of order and is installed at our factory prior to shipment.

If your wine cellar features one or more glass walls and you are close to the maximum recommended BTU/h, consider purchasing the WG40H with heater. Always run complete heat load calculations before purchasing a wine cellar air conditioning unit.

Note: Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall units are designed for interior conditions only (45°F – 95°F or 7°C – 35°C) and must not be installed through an exterior wall. Exposing a TTW unit to outdoor conditions voids the warranty, as part failures would be due to ignoring installation instructions and not due to component defects.

US Patent No. D634760 S
Canada Patent No. 135465
Mexico Reg. No. 33191


Additional information


0.22 – 0.41 Kilowatts


761 – 1396 BTU/h

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