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WG40 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit 50Hz

WG40 is a self-contained, ducted wine cellar cooling unit for small residential and commercial wine cellars. Contractor installation is recommended.


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WG40 is a self-contained, ducted wine cellar cooling unit for small residential and commercial wine cellars. For assistance in determining if the WG40 ducted system is suitable for your application, use our product advisor tool. The WG40 unit is a step up from the WG25. If the cellar is sized for the WG25 and contains a lot of glass, moving up to the WG40 is recommended. Contractor installation is recommended. The maximum capacity is 790 watts. The WG40 wine cellar cooling unit is available in a water-cooled configuration.

[The WG40 is a 50Hz system, which is standard in the majority of Europe, Asia, Africa, & Australia; if you need a comparable 60Hz system (used in most of North and South America) see the D025 wine cellar cooling unit. Verify your country’s line frequency.]

Additionally, the WG40 wine cellar cooling unit comes with many options and accessories, which are shown below. The Low Ambient and High Ambient options protect your wine collection from low (below 4°C) and elevated (38°-49°C) ambient temperatures, respectively.


Additional information


0.26 – 0.79 Kilowatts


900 – 2702 BTU/h

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