Wine Cellar Cooling

Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units are available in a number of through-the-wall, ducted and ducted split models that are quiet and energy efficient, made of commercial-grade components and equipped with more unique features and options than any other system, from any other manufacturer. Wine Guardian can also outfit your cellar with uniquely designed, integrated or freestanding humidifiers as well as remote sensing and remote monitoring systems.

Freestanding Humidifier


Designed to increase humidity levels of any size commercial or residential wine cellar. Available for TTW as a freestanding unit and ducted and split systems as either integrated or freestanding unit. Can also be used with competitors’ cooling units.

Multi-Zone Aficionado Open Sliders Extended

Luxury Wine Cabinets

Wine Guardian Wine Cabinets are fully self-contained systems designed to store wine at either long-term preservation or serving temperatures. Wine Guardian offers the only wine cabinet that allows for configuration of the type and placement of Mahogany shelving in the wine cabinet. Explore some of our European-crafted wine cabinets:

Remote Interface Controller

Wine Cellar Sensors and Controls

Consistent monitoring ensures an optimal environment for your valuable wine collection. Wine Guardian systems monitor the temperature and display humidity of your cellar conditions and is the only major manufacturer that offers this feature.