Customizable Wine Cabinets

Wine Guardian Custom Wine Cabinets by La Sommelière are a perfect solution for wine collectors who want extra wine storage in a kitchen, living room, or other convenient location. Wine Guardian custom wine cabinets are fully self-contained systems designed to store wine at either long-term preservation or serving temperatures.

Available in two sizes, Wine Guardian is the only wine cabinet manufacturer that allows for customization of the type of shelving and their placement in the wine cabinet. Start customizing your dream wine cabinet today:

Wine Cabinet in Kitchen
Example of how a wine cabinet can be customized

Customizable Shelving

Using the Wine Guardian designed cabinet customizer tool, simply select a cabinet, then mix-and-match six (6) different shelving types and their placement within the wine cabinet.

There are thousands of possible cabinet configurations – making these wine cabinets truly unique to you and your collection. Wine Guardian custom wine cabinets are fully assembled in our factory and are ready to use out of the box. Try out the customization tool now:

Handcrafted European Design

Wine Guardian custom wine cabinets are handcrafted by expert European wine cabinet manufacturers. All cabinets are fully assembled in our factory and are ready to set up right out of the box.

Handcrafted in Europe
Multi Zone Cabinet

Optimal Wine Temperature Control

The Single-Zone Cabinet can preserve wine at ideal temperatures between 55° – 64°F (13° – 18°C) or serving temperatures between 46° – 54°F (8° – 12°C).

The Multi-Zone cabinet is unique as it features polyvalent technology that allows it to create three separate temperature zones within the cabinet, optimal for storing different types of wine that have different ideal preservation temperatures. It also makes it possible to store some wine at serving temperatures others at ageing temperatures at the same time.

Pre-customized Cabinets

Want to skip the customization process? We have developed a few pre-customized cabinets you can add right to your cart or customize further.

Single Zone Cabinet Precustomized Closed

Wine Guardian has provided us with an excellent product and great customer service. I would be happy to refer them to anyone.
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