Wine Cellar Humidifiers

Take the next step in ultimate wine quality preservation with a wine cellar humidifier! Wine Guardian humidifiers create perfect long-term wine storage conditions by introducing humidity back into your wine room or wine cellar.

Wine Guardian Humidifiers combine a tough exterior with well-engineered internals to deliver superior performance and reliability to ensure your fine wine collection ages at its finest.

If you’re looking for the best way to store your wine, look no further than Wine Guardian. This is a device that will ensure your wines are stored at their optimum humidity level in order to prevent damage and to preserve the best flavor.

Wine bottles

Humidifiers –
A Wine Insurance Policy

Wine Guardian Humidifiers give your wine collection the complete environmental conditions it needs to properly age over time. Improper cellar humidity can hinder your wine from achieving its greatest flavor potential. When humidity conditions are too high – bottles of wine can start to see mold and label degradation. Too low – and the corks will begin to dry out, resulting in oxidized, spoiled wine.

Wine Guardian Humidifiers introduce humidity back into your cellar so the only thing you need to worry about is finding the perfect compliment to your wine.

Choose the Right Humidifier for your Wine Space

Wine Guardian offers two types of humidifiers depending on your cellar’s cooling system: Freestanding and Integrated.

Freestanding Humidifier

Freestanding Humidifier

Sleek and sophisticated – the Wine Guardian Freestanding Humidifier was designed to be mounted on the wall of a wine space, complimenting the beauty of the wine bottles it serves to protect.

The Humidifier can be wired to a Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall or Ductless Split system to create a wine cooler with humidity control for total, seamless, control over your wine space’s humidity and temperature.

Integrated Humidifier

Ducted system with Humidifier

Behind the scenes humidity control. The Integrated Humidifier attaches directly to a Wine Guardian Ducted or Ducted Split system in a room adjacent to the wine cellar – giving you more space to store your fine wine collection.

And because the Humidifier connects directly to the cooling system, no separate power source or remote controller is needed.

Your Wine’s Protector

Advanced Wine Guardian air sensing technology constantly monitors the relative humidity of your wine space. Should humidity drop below optimal conditions, the Wine Guardian Humidifier automatically leaps into action to humidify the wine cellar — protecting your fine wine collection.

Only Wine Guardian air sensors and controls consider both humidity and temperature in choosing their mode of operation.

Humidifier Install
Drip Pad Replacement

Do-It-Yourself Maintenance

We’ve made routine maintenance a breeze for any wine collector. Easy turn fasteners let you quickly open the Humidifier, replace the drip pad, and get back to enjoying your wine.

Not just for wine: Cigar Humidors

From ensuring the cigar oils hold their rich flavors to maintaining a beautiful, even burn – when installed in a humidor room – Wine Guardian Humidifiers maintain perfect cigar storage conditions making every cigar a complete, luxurious experience.


Seamless Cellar Integration

Whether you are halfway through constructing your cellar or are enjoying your fully completed space, Wine Guardian Humidifiers can be easily installed at any stage of your project.

Our Humidifiers are designed to connect to your current Wine Guardian remote controller, allowing for easy monitoring and control over your wine room’s temperature and humidity.

No Wine Guardian?
No Problem.

Wine Guardian Freestanding Humidifiers can be integrated into your cellar even if you have a competitor’s wine cellar cooling unit or no cooling system at all.

Humidifier Installed on a Wall
Freestanding Humidifier installed on a wall

Freestanding Humidifier

Integrated Humidifier

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Wine Guardian has provided us with an excellent product and great customer service. I would be happy to refer them to anyone.
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