Integrated Humidifier for Legacy Models D200, DP200, DS200, SP200


Wine Guardian integrated humidifier is powered directly from a Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling unit. A separate power source is not required. This humidifier can be integrated with the following systems: D200, DP200, DS200, and SP200.

For Sentinel Series models D025, DP25, DS025, and SP25 please see this integrated humidifier.

For Sentinel Series models D050, D088, D200, DP50, DP88, DP200, DS050, DS088, DS200, SP50, SP88, and SP200 please see this integrated humidifier.

For legacy models D050, D088, DP50, DP88, DS050, DS088, SP50, and SP88 please see this integrated humidifier.

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Wine cellar humidifiers (for legacy models D200, DP200, DS200, and SP200) add moisture to the air at the wine cellar conditioning unit instead of directly in the wine cellar. These integrated humidifiers mount directly to either side of Wine Guardian ducted or ducted split units and add moisture directly into the airstream, with suggested humidity control up to a maximum of 60% relative humidity.

If relative humidity greater than 60% is required, a Wine Guardian standalone humidifier is recommended. Standalone humidifiers are located inside of a wine cellar and add moist air directly into the cellar.

Additional information

Line Frequency

60 Hz

Capacity at 60°F (16°C)

0.42 lb/hr

Capacity at 100°F (38°C)

1.0 lb/hr

Power Requirements

24 Volt

Standard Options

This product has no standard options.

Available Options

This product has no optional features.

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