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WG40 is a self-contained, ducted wine cellar cooling unit for small residential and commercial wine cellars. Contractor installation is recommended. Available in either an air-cooled or water-cooled configuration.

The WG40 is a 50Hz system, which is standard in the majority of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, & New Zealand. Unit capacity is up to 790W.

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WG40 is a self-contained, ducted wine cellar cooling unit for small residential and commercial wine cellars. For assistance in determining if the WG40 ducted system is suitable for your application, use our product advisor tool. The WG40 unit is a step up from the WG25. If the cellar is sized for the WG25 and contains a lot of glass, moving up to the WG40 is recommended. Contractor installation is recommended. The maximum capacity is 790 watts.

[The WG40 is a 50Hz system, which is standard in the majority of Europe, Asia, Africa, & Australia; if you need a comparable 60Hz system (used in most of North and South America) see the D025 wine cellar cooling unit. Verify your country’s line frequency.]

Additionally, the WG40 wine cellar cooling unit comes with many options and accessories, which are shown below.

The Extreme Climate Protection bundle protects your wine collection from low (below 4°C) and elevated (38°-49°C) ambient temperatures. The All Wine Temperatures bundle contains both a factory-mounted heater to protect your cellar from low room temperatures and extended controls to adjust your wine room or wine display to serving temperatures. The Ultimate bundle contains all the features from the Extreme Climate Protection and All Wine Temperatures bundles.

The WG40 wine cellar cooling unit is available in a water-cooled configuration.

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Line Frequency

50 Hz


0.26 – 0.858 kW


7 – 56 m³


85 cm


42 cm


39.5 cm


35 kg



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Standard Options

This product has no standard options.

Available Options

All Wine Temperatures Bundle

For extended wine-cellar temperature ranges. Allows a Wine Guardian unit to control to an extended temperature range from 45°F(7° C) to 64°F(18° C), perfect for single to multiple cabinet applications and small wine rooms in which serving-temperature cooling is preferred.

This bundle also contains an integral electric heater coil and controls to protect wine cellars from dangerously low temperatures. It is ideal for areas where ambient temperatures fall below 50°F/10°C.

Extreme Climate Protection Bundle

For Self-Contained Ducted systems: Contains an integral compressor crankcase heater and controls to protect the system against low temperatures (required when inlet air to the condenser coil is below 40°F/5°C). The bundle also contains an integral high capacity condenser fan and coil for operation at elevated ambient temperatures. This bundle should be considered when inlet air to the condenser coil is above 100°F/38°C (condenser air inlet cannot exceed 120°F/49°C).

For Ducted Split systems: Unit protection in extreme climate conditions (on the condenser section only). It is required for continuous operation in climates that fall below 20°F. Enables the system to operate in temperatures as low as -20°F.

Ultimate Bundle

Contains all the features in the All Wine Temperatures Bundle and the Extreme Climate Protection Bundle.


Includes a factory-configured integral water-cooled condensing coil and water-regulating valve. This wine cellar cooling system is ideal for geothermal, cooling tower and lake water applications. The unit does not require warm condenser air connections, making it an excellent solution when warm-condenser-air venting is not possible.

Integrated Humidifier

Humidifiers help ensure perfect long-term wine storage conditions by adding humidity back into your wine space. The Integrated Humidifier attaches directly to your Wine Guardian cooling system using the same power source and remote controller.

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