This page is intended as a diagnostic aid only. For detailed repair or parts replacement procedures, contact a qualified service company. Check the following table for some solutions before calling a service technician. For more troubleshooting information download the Operations and Maintenance Manual for your specific Wine Guardian product.

  • Loose, improper or defective thermostat or humidistat. Check the thermostat and humidistat setup for the application. Read the thermostat troubleshoot guidelines in the Thermostat Installation and Operating Instructions.
  • No power to outlet. Check circuit breaker and wiring.
  • Unit not plugged in or LCDI tripped. Check to be sure unit is plugged in and/or reset the breaker.
  • Check to be sure unit is plugged into outlet.
  • Check the circuit breaker and wiring to be sure there is power to the unit.
  • Check the switch to be sure it is on and that there is power to the outlet.
  • Check the circuit breaker and wiring to be sure there is power to the unit.
  • Check the thermostat set up in the Quick Start Installation Guide or the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual.
  • Check to be sure the thermostat is set up properly. See thermostat set up in the Installation, Operations and Maintenance manual, located on Resources and Manual page of this website.
  • Check for blockage at the condenser airflow.
  • Check to see if filter and coil need cleaning.
  • Check to see if high pressure (HP) switch is open. You can read how to reset HP switch on page xx in the Installation, Operations and Maintenance manual.
  • The thermostat may be set too low on cooling and should be reset to a higher cooling temperature.
  • The thermostat may be set too low on heating temperature and should be reset to a higher heating temperature.
  • Check to see if the thermostat is mounted in a proper location.
  • There may be too much heat loss to the adjacent spaces. Increase insulation around the ductwork. Check and clean filter and coils if needed. Also if coil is frozen, shut off unit for two hours.
  • Cellar loads could be too high and may require additional insulation.
  • May need to replace with a larger sized system.
  • If there is no moisture being added to the cellar it may be necessary to add a Wine Guardian humidifier or a room humidifier.

If the humidifier is not working:

–check wiring for loose, broken or frayed connections.

–check humidistat set up

–check for water flow and solenoid valve operation

If the humidifier is working:

–check for water being hot

–check drip pad and replace if scaled

–may need vapor barrier around the cellar

Parts & Service

Who to contact:

If you need parts or service, your first point of contact should be the distributor or website you purchased the unit from. Distributors typically know your situation best and should be able to help you the fastest.

If your distributor cannot help you, please contact us directly via phone or e-mail.  See below for contact methods.

For purchases made on this website:

Wine Guardian sells some through-the-wall systems, their associated options, and freestanding  humidifiers directly on If you need assistance with a purchase made directly through this website, please contact us via one of the following:
Toll Free +1 800 825 3268
Direct +1 315 452 7434
After Hours +1 315 391 8747

Wine Guardian’s parts and service department is available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Be sure to have your model number, part number and serial number prior to calling so that we can expedite your service inquiry. You can find this on the serial plate located on your Wine Guardian unit (below).

Wine Guardian serial plate

Service Videos

Replacing main control board on Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall system