Wine Guardian Projects Gallery

Vineyard Projects Gallery

Below are various wine cellars designed and built by Vineyard Wine Cellars.

Woodlands, TX Area Wine Cellars

The picture on the left is of a 430-bottle cellar in Fielding’s Local restaurant. Two Wine Guardian 1-ton SS088 ducted split wine cooling units are ducted into the separate wine areas. The picture on the rights holds 740 bottles and is cooled by a ducted 1/4-ton D025 wine cooling unit.

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 Dallas, TX Area Wine Cellars

The picture on the left is from a Dallas hotel. The space was created by removing a window between the restaurant reception and dining area in the hotel and replacing it with a glass enclosure. Holes were drilled in a 10″ slab to support a 1-ton ducted D088 wine cooling unit placed in an employees’ locker room ceiling. The cellar on the right was built in a new home in North Dallas. This cellar holds 1,000 bottles and features great visibility from the home’s living areas. A 1/2-ton ducted split SS050 unit cools the cellar with the evaporator in a storage area behind an adjacent bar.

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Houston, TX Area Wine Cellars

The 420-bottle wine cellar on the left is located in Bellaire and features mahogany wine racks with a stain & lacquer and a 1/4-ton ducted split SS025 unit. The bottom of the refrigeration cover can be seen at the top of the picture. The cellar on the right utilizes alder wine racks with a stain and has a capacity of 1,680 bottles. This cellar is cooled by a ducted 1-ton D088 wine cellar cooling unit with two supplies and one return in the middle. The cellar is located in River Oaks.

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