Out of the Cellar: Showcase Your Wine Collection in Your Home Living Space

How much do you love wine? Enough to make it a part of the interior design of your home?

An effective wine showcase brings your collection out of the basement and artfully incorporates it into the everyday living space of a home. Imagine a beautifully backlit glass case that spans a wall in your dining room, or a stand-alone enclosure that is the wall. How about an entire room, where the sole purpose is the pure, unadulterated enjoyment of wine?

Wine Display by Covini
This walk-in display adds depth and interest to the room. Entertain your guests and make your collection the centerpiece! And when you’re ready for another bottle, you don’t have far to go. (Photo by: Covini/Xi Weinsysteme)

Fine Wine Can Be a Work of Art: Display It with Pride

People hang beautiful works of art on their walls; they put sculptures on pedestals. Why not do it with wine, too? If you already have an amazing collection, give some attention to your best bottles by showing them off. A modest enclosure in a foyer or hall with a few racks, dimly lit display shelves, etc. will really make an impression when people visit your home.

A Wine Display Can Bring Five-Star Elegance to Your Home

Wine displays were something once only found in luxury restaurants and hotels. But these days, people are bringing that luxe vibe home. A walk-in display along the wall of a dining room would be a stunning game-changer. But if you’re not quite ready to tear down walls, climate-controlled cabinets, hutches, and credenzas are another option.

Wine Display by Rosehill Wine Cellars
Even with limited space, you can make a huge impact. Clever lighting, industrial materials, and floor-to-ceiling coverage give this relatively simple wall display tons of visual appeal. (Photo by: Rosehill Wine Cellars)

Likewise, a professionally built display in your kitchen can make it feel like a five-star establishment. Everybody congregates in the kitchen anyway, so why not make it posh? No need to interrupt the conversation or drag your guests down (stairs) to see your collection: With the wine front-and-center, the celebration stays right where you are.

Under the Stairs Wine Storage

Under-stairs wine displays are a unique and practical way to store your collection and capitalize on mostly unused space. We’re not just talking under the cellar steps – although you could go there – rather we’re thinking first floors or even higher. This is a less traditional approach, so if your style is somewhat off-the-wall, it might be a fun option. For more information, see our latest article

A Wine Wall: Display Your Wine Collection as a Part of the Floor Plan

This idea is best for larger rooms. If you have one that could realistically be divided into smaller areas, consider a “wine wall,” a stand-alone display that breaks up the space and delineates multiple living spaces. You could even make each partition unique: for example, one as a lounge and the other a game room.

Wine Wall by Wine Cellar Depot
A wine wall can create separate spaces in the same room, without completely isolating them from each other. (Photo by: Wine Cellar Depot)

A Wine Room: The Ultimate Wine Collectors Showcase

Imagine taking one whole room of your house and just making it into a complete wine-lover’s playroom. Where would you build it? If you’re going to go big, go all in: Maybe a pool house, an atrium, or a mezzanine. How about a hallway? It can even be a small enclosure, in the center of a larger room.

When designed well, a wine room should stand on its own but simultaneously connect with the rest of the home. Think creatively about how this space will mingle with the rest of the house to not make it feel distant or detached.

Wine Cellar by Vineyard Wine Cellars
When combined with additional amenities, a stand-alone display becomes a wine room. Add in tables, lounge chairs, and more to make enjoying your collection an immersive experience. (Photo by: Vineyard Wine Cellars)

A Few Things to Consider Before You Build Your Wine Showcase

Adding a wine display to your living space is an exciting project to explore. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and budget. But there are more than a few realities to consider. The space needs to be airtight and have a vapor barrier. Doors need to be sealed properly. The environmental control system needs to be calibrated according to your regional climate.

Choice of materials matters. Quality, color, texture, and style all contribute to the overall look and should tie in with the rest of the home. Aluminum, slate, glass, and Lucite lean modern and sleek, while wood and marble, terra cotta and brass are more traditional.

The best designs always combine form and function. This addition will likely be forever – or at least for a very long time. The square footage that your new wine display occupies should be a net benefit and add to the home’s value as well.

No matter which solution you choose, don’t skimp or cut corners on your showcase; from design to construction, it’s best to enlist the help of an expert. And it all starts with the climate control system, so when you’re ready to pull the cork on that big idea, call Wine Guardian first.

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