Which plug type should I select for my Through-the-Wall Unit?

Choosing the right plug type for your Through-the-Wall wine cellar cooling unit is critical in avoiding compatibility issues with your installation site’s electrical system. To help you make the right choice, our website uses your location to automatically recommend a plug from the five types we offer. Unique circumstances exist when this recommendation may not Read More »

Humidifier Datasheet

Wine Guardian® humidifiers are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance and reliability, ensuring the proper conditions for your wine collection and cellar. Our humidifiers regulate and control humidity while offering the versatility to be used with any brand of wine cooling system. Humidifier features Monitors and controls humidity in the wine cellarEvaporative drip pad system Read More »

Resetting the High Pressure Switch

Every Wine Guardian unit has a manual reset high pressure switch in the refrigeration system. This switch shuts the compressor and condenser down if the head pressure in the system is too high. It is intended to protect the compressor. Restricted airflow through the condenser is the most common reason for the pressure becoming too Read More »

How to select Cooling, Heating or Auto modes

Press and release the settings key (gears button). On the left side of the screen you will see a snow flake or flame or both at the same time .Press and release the settings key again to toggle between:Snowflake = cooling modeFlame = heating modeSnowflake and flame = auto mode A flashing snowflake means that the Read More »

How to adjust humidity setpoint

NOTE: Setting #6: "Add or remove a humidifier" must be set to 1 or 2 in order to change the humidity set point. Press and release the UP arrow key. On the left side of the screen the temperature set point number will start blinking. Press the mode button once and the Humidity set point Read More »

How to adjust the temperature setpoint

Press and release the UP arrow key. On the left side of the screen the temperature set point number will start blinking.Press the UP or DOWN arrow key to adjust to your desired temperature.Once the screen defaults back to the temperature and humidity display, check to be sure the system is set in auto mode. In auto Read More »

Glossary Sections

For your reference, the following are commonly used terms in our installation guides.  Ambient AirThe surrounding area outside the cellar such as a room, basement, garage or outdoors.BTU/HBritish Thermal Unit per Hour is a unit of heat measurement. For example, one ton of cooling equals 12,000 BTU/HCECertificate of European conformityCFMCubic feet per minute. A unit Read More »