Celebrating A Decade-Long Partnership With Wine Guardian

By: Mariko Zapf

Wine Guardian has had the privilege of working with a select group of distributors for over a decade to help execute state-of-the-art wine storage applications. Our 10+ Year Partners have cultivated a level of expertise with Wine Guardian products and services that has empowered them to lead their clients through a diverse range of residential and commercial projects, worldwide.

Our 10+ Year Partners have been trained extensively on the technical components of Wine Guardian’s temperature and humidity control product lines, as well as how to install them for optimum functionality and straightforward maintenance. This knowledge has enabled our distributors to customize the design and installation of thousands of applications over the last decade.

From smaller DIY projects well suited to plug-and-play through-the-wall solutions to restaurants housing vast collections requiring multiple ducted units to maintain pristine conditions, Wine Guardian’s 10+ Year Partners offer much more than climate control systems. They provide valuable insight into heat load calculations, identify the right system for a particular space, and offer solutions to unforeseen installation challenges. We are incredibly proud to be working alongside these esteemed distributors to help realize the visions of their clients.

We celebrate these decade-long partnerships today and look forward to expanding them well into the future. Thank you, Wine Guardian 10+ Year Partners!

Check out all our 10+ Year Partners below:

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