New Larger Sentinel Series Systems

Wine Guardian is excited to announce new Sentinel Series ducted and ducted split wine cellar cooling systems in larger sizes. These systems offer greater cooling capacities with the industry leading features of the Sentinel Series. The new Sentinel Series systems have a max capacity between 6,300 to 15,000 BTU to properly cool large wine rooms down to optimal wine storage temperatures.

Sentinel Series

Below are the models of the new line of Sentinel Series systems. The non-Sentinel Series versions of these models will be completely phased out.

ModelCapacity Range
D050, DP50, DS050, SP502700 – 6320 BTU
D088, DP88, DS088, SP885000 – 9600 BTU
D200, DP200, DS200, SP2008000 – 15680 BTU
WG75, WGS750.70 – 1.42 kW
WG100, WGS1001.31 – 2.06 kW
WG175, WGS1751.89 – 4.12 kW
Integrated Humidifier for the units above

Exceptional Sentinel Series Features

These new systems will contain the following features you’ve come to expect with the Sentinel Series line of wine cellar cooling systems:

  • New durable UL rated composite material panels and duct collars
  • Captive quarter-turn fasteners
  • New larger chassis with added insulation
  • Heavy duty double wall insulated duct collars
  • A bold and unique design with distinctive Sentinel Series color scheme
  • Coated coils on the evaporator
  • Bundled options for ease of application
  • Newly designed integrated humidifier for larger Sentinel Series systems
Chassis A vs Chassis B
Smaller Sentinel Series Unit vs. New Larger Sentinel Series Unit

Option Packages

In addition, these new Sentinel Series products will transition to include standard Sentinel Series optional bundles and accessories:

  • All Wine Temperatures Bundle
  • Extreme Climate Protection Bundle
  • The Ultimate Bundle (ducted systems only)
  • Integrated humidifier
  • Water-cooled (ducted systems only)

See all available options.

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