Wine Guardian Announces Wine Wall Cooling System

Wine Guardian – the world leading brand of wine cellar cooling systems – is excited to announce a new product to their line of ductless split wine room cooling systems. The Wine Wall Cooling System was specifically designed for use in wine walls to provide optimal cooling and airflow to keep collections of fine wine at long-term storage conditions. The system’s slim design allows it to integrate completely flush with the ceiling in a wine wall, ensuring that no bulky mechanical equipment is visible within the space.

Wine Wall System Evaporator

Key features of the Wine Wall Cooling System:

  • Seamless Integration: The slim design mounts completely flush with the wine wall’s ceiling — ensuring no obtrusive equipment takes up valuable wine storage space.
  • Serving Temperature: The Wine Wall Cooling System comes standard with the ability to cool to both wine storage temperatures and wine serving temperatures (down to 45°F/7°C).
  • Easy Installation Hinge Design: The system’s innovative hinge design acts as a second hand while installing it, so one person installations are simple.
  • Low-profile Grille: The grille contains integral supply and return sections for efficient delivery of conditioned air to and from the wine wall.
  • Efficient and Strong Design: The evaporator features an all-aluminum chassis and grille assembly and contains coated coils to ensure product durability.
  • Comprehensive Control: The system’s remote interface controller gives users full control over the temperature and humidity conditions within the space. An extra controller and up to 3 remote air sensors can be remotely connected for precise measurements when the controller is installed outside the wine space.
Wine Wall Cooling System Evaporator and Condenser

Wine Guardian is a registered trademark of Air Innovations®, which designs and manufactures Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units at its headquarters in North Syracuse, New York. Air Innovations, established in 1986, builds specialty air conditioning, refrigeration, and environmental control products that also are used in defense, aerospace, healthcare, semiconductor, and other industries.

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