Wine Guardian® Introduces Newly Redesigned Humidifiers

Humidification creates ideal conditions for long-term preservation and protection of fine wine collections

Syracuse, NY, April 10, 2013
Wine Guardian, the world leader in commercial grade wine cellar cooling systems for homes, restaurants, and commercial storage facilities has introduced two new, completely redesigned humidifier models to its product portfolio. These humidifiers specifically designed for wine cellars are easy to install and operate, as either freestanding or integrated units. “Our humidifiers feature sleek, modern designs to match today’s wine cellar lifestyle and are designed to deliver superior performance and reliability, to ensure that our clients’ fine wine collection ages at its finest,” said Michael Militi, Wine Guardian division manager.

Wine Guardian newly designed humidifer

The freestanding model which may be used with both Wine Guardian’s Through the Wall cooling system and any competitive wine cooling systems can be mounted through the wall, within the racking, or be surface mounted using specially designed mounting brackets within the wine room for installation flexibility. When powered through a Wine Guardian system, it uses 24-volt power. If freestanding with its own power cord and humidistat, a 115-volt receptacle is required for operation independent of the cellar cooling system.

Integrated units mount to either side of Wine Guardian’s ducted or ducted split systems. They use the same Wine Guardian remote interface for control and readout and their 24-volt power is sourced directly from the Wine Guardian cooling system so no separate power source is required.

All models feature digital controls to sense and control the amount of moisture that needs to be added to the cellar. These work off of Wine Guardian’s remote indicator so there is no need for a separate controller. The evaporative drip pad system includes a removable, cleanable pad with an access cover for easy maintenance. Wine Guardian humidifiers, made in the USA, are of commercial grade and lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials and components.

To facilitate installation, operation, and maintenance, no tools are required for service access to the humidifier pad and there is easy access to utility connections, power, water, and drain.

Wine Guardian products are distributed internationally. “Our representatives can help determine which model, capacity, and options are optimal for individual wine cellar design and storage needs,” Militi said.

Wine Guardian is a registered trademark of Air Innovations, which manufactures Wine Guardian products in New York State. Wine Guardian products are backed by a two-year warranty and a factory service hotline team.

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