Wine Guardian Releases New Ductless Split Wine Cellar Cooling System

TTW Ductless Split

Wine Guardian, the global leader in commercial-grade wine cellar cooling systems for homes, restaurants and commercial storage facilities, announced the addition of the ductless split wine cellar cooling unit to its line of wine cellar cooling systems.

The Wine Guardian ductless split wine-cellar cooling unit is an entirely new, cutting edge system. It’s versatile enough for either surface mounting or space-saving through-the-wall mounting, while providing the flexibility of a split system. It is ideal for small wine cellar owners who have no room for mechanical equipment or are unable to accommodate ductwork.

The ductless split is available in two different models—a 60Hz version and a 50Hz version. The 60Hz SS018 has a BTU/H capacity up to 2800 while the 50Hz WGS025 has a capacity up to 760 watts. Both models come with a Wine Guardian condensing unit with operating capacities from 40°F/4°C to 115°F/46°C.

Options available for ductless split units include a factory-mounted electric heater, standalone humidifier, remote monitoring and sensing, and low ambient protection (which provides condensing unit operating capacity to a minimum of -20°F/-29°C). Additionally, the ductless split system is available with our serving temperature option, which allows a variety of set points from a low temperature of 42°F (5°C) to a high of 64°F (18°C).

Ductless split units are currently available for purchase via Wine Guardian distributors.

— Wine Guardian is a brand of Air Innovations, the leader in temperature and humidity control systems. All Wine Guardian products are manufactured in the USA. Air Innovations is a world leader in designing and building environmental process control systems for applications that can’t be addressed with standard HVAC equipment.

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