Wine Guardian Unveils Wine Cabinet Cooling Systems

Wine Guardian is excited to announce its wine cabinet cooling system — a system designed specifically to be integrated into wine cabinets! The Wine Guardian system consists of the cooling system only and is not a wine cabinet itself. A cabinet can be designed and installed into a commercial or residential space by one of our distributors. Please reach out for any questions about cabinet construction or the cooling unit itself.

*This is a exposed representation. When installed, the unit will be hidden.
**The cooling unit does not come with the cabinet.

The cabinet wine cooling unit was created as Wine Guardian continued to enhance and expand its product offerings. When designing the unit, our engineers implemented components that would make it simple to install and perfect for a wine cabinet application.

  • The Wine Guardian unit can be integrated on the top or on the bottom of the cabinet, allowing flexibility in cabinet design.
  • These systems come standard with the ability to set and adjust the temperature to any temperature from 42° – 64°F (5° – 18°C), which is ideal when keeping wines ready to consume at serving temperature. This allows the user to rotate their wine stock and change the set point from season to season. It makes the system particularly ideal for commercial applications like restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.
  • No ductwork or drain line is required. The cabinet cooling unit is a completely self-contained system that includes an integral air-cooled condenser.
  • The cabinet is constructed of aluminum for corrosion protection and maintenance-free appearance. It also contains coated coils to ensure longevity and product durability.
  • Up to 3 optional remote sensors and 2 remote interface controllers with Wireless2Base™ technology can be added to your unit for easy monitoring and control of your cabinet.

Like all Wine Guardian products, the cabinet cooling system was designed and built in the USA and is available in both 60hz and 50hz versions. For more information, please visit one of our trusted distributors near you.

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