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Belmont Project
The Belmont project below is built around the foundation of a kidney-shaped exterior access pool (as shown in the rendering in the 3rd row below). There is a bluestone pool deck above the 6″ thick concrete ceiling of the wine cellar.  Signature Custom Wine Cellars beautifully addressed all the challenges of this project from the overall interior and wine racking design, to the correct cooling equipment due to the large fluctuating thermal mass of the pool water and sun-baked stone patio above which comes into play. This custom-built wine cellar is located in Belmont, MA, and has two 1-ton Ducted Split Wine Guardian systems installed.

Upper East Side Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project is a brand new luxury apartment building with 11 individual wine cellars, and five unique designs, all using solid maple wood with a black lacquer finish. Each room has a custom handcrafted door with ironwork made to mimic the iron over the ground floor windows by the sidewalks, as shown in the photos below. The storage capacity varies from 1100 to 1750.  The space is climate controlled with two 1-ton Wine Guardian ducted systems with integrated humidifiers.

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