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Wine Guardian distributor, Smithling Cellars, has years of experience designing and building custom wine cellars. In Spring of 2022, they completed wine cellar project, The Murphy, that utilized a Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling system to maintain proper wine storage conditions.

Despite its size, this small wine cellar project can store over 300 bottles. The cellar features wine racks made from mahogany and walls covered in stone and solid oak that extended across a barrel-vaulted ceiling. The owners can access the wine cellar through a sophisticated fall glass mahogany door that allows for a beautiful view into the cellar from their home.

To ensure the bottles of wine age properly over a long period of time, Smithling Cellar installed a Wine Guardian TTW009 wine cellar cooling unit. This system ensures that the wine cellar is kept at optimal preservation temperatures. For added convience, a Wine Guardian remote interface controller was installed right in the cellar for easy monitoring and control of the space’s conditions.

Contact Smithling Cellars today to work with them on your next wine cellar project. Interested in seeing more? Smithling Cellars has worked on numerous wine storage projects that all features Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling systems. See below:

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