Smithling Cellars - "Barrel" Tasting Area

This wine cellar, designed by Smithling Cellars in 2017, is an approximately 12-foot by 12-foot square room. One unique feature of the cellar is a round “barrel” wall tasting area made from white oak and includes metal hoops. The cellar’s door was hand-made from a repurposed 100-year-old hemlock obtained from an old deconstructed barn. Three large wooden beams, supported with stone columns, make up the structure of the cellar. The floor is made of tumbled travertine marble. For added aesthetic, non-electrified lanterns exist at the entrance to the wine cellar and inside. The cellar is lit with LED ceiling lights that provide warm lighting on the beautiful artwork and stone columns.

This Smithling Cellars build is temperature control by a Wine Guardian through-the-wall cooling unit for optimal cooling and preservation.

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