Vineyard Wine Cellars - Elegant Wine Wall Niche Project Gallery

Vineyard Wine Cellars is a national Wine Guardian distributor and is made up of a team of wine cellar design specialists.

This elegant wine wall niche was designed and built for residential client in Keller, Texas. The team at Vineyard Wine Cellars were tasked with converting an unused dining room niche into a space with the ability to store about 470 bottles of wine.

The wine racks use metal vertical supports with horizontal metal wine bottle storage rods. This cabinet uses a variety of display styles including 3-bottle deep, label-forward racks, angled display rows, and u-shelves. In the middle of the display, the design team included a wine pouring station as well as a stemware holder hanging above for easy access. Three sets of tempered glass doors allows homeowners to simply reach-in and select their wine.

To ensure the wine collection maintains optimal wine storage temperatures, the specialists at Vineyard Wine Cellars installed a Wine Guardian DS050 ducted split wine cellar cooling system.

To learn more about the project, from concept to final design, read Vineyard Wine Cellars’ process here.

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