Focus Wine Cellars: Worldwide Wine Cellar Design at Its Finest

Focus Wine Cellars (FWC) designs and custom builds high-end wine cellars and cabinets for clients worldwide. With offices in Toronto, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Moscow, and Istanbul, FWC strives to deliver an exceptional customer experience. FWC offers turnkey services from design to installation, as well as à la carte options for residential and commercial projects, and custom manufactures all wine cellar components. The founders and their team have deep experience working with materials that reflect various styles, from rustic to ultra-modern. Everyone at the company also has a reverence for region-specific design traditions. FWC has a long history of providing spaces for aging fine wines in the best conditions for premium renowned hospitality brands and luxury retail brands such as Printemps Paris, Guerlain, and Cartier. Working with Focus Wine Cellars has been an incredible honor for Wine Guardian, and we look forward to many more years of partnership.

Roots in Design

FWC originated as an interior design company, enabling them to interpret their clients’ visions with greater clarity. They speak the same language as designers and are adept at collaborating with customers and their advisors. Ultimately, FWC loves creating unique and luxurious spaces for their clients to store, age, and enjoy wine. The goal is to produce wine cellars and cabinets that complement the rest of the home, restaurant, or commercial space.

“What differentiates Focus Wines is our global experience. We appreciate cultural traditions, and we understand what inspires and influences our clients. We also know that what works in one part of the world is not necessarily going to hold appeal in another region.”

— Dr. Aylin Gurer, Partner, Focus Wine Cellar

Passion for Technology

The FWC team makes it their business to know climate control technology as thoroughly as they understand design. They consider themselves technology solution providers. After all, the purpose of creating these cellars is to preserve and age their clients’ prized collections.

“One aspect we love most about working with Wine Guardian is the depth of knowledge their engineers have and their willingness to work with us. If we are designing a particularly complex application, their team listens and respects our level of expertise and always takes a collaborative approach. Wine Guardian engineers value customer satisfaction as much as we do at Focus Wine Cellars.”

Partner to Premium Brands

FWC is not afraid to push the envelope, keeping its finger on the pulse of new design trends and materials. Between their impeccable attention to detail and high-quality products. There is no surprise the company has amassed an impressive roster of premium brands, including the Waldorf Astoria, Mandarin Oriental, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt Hotels, Printemps, and Louis Vuitton Group.

Since the company designs, manufactures and installs wine cellars, walls, and cabinets on three different continents, the company utilizes Wine Guardian systems for many projects since they can adapt to various voltage requirements.

“We love being able to choose from a vast offering of cooling units that meet the needs of any application, no matter the size or complexity. We can use them around the world from North America to Asia. We trust Wine Guardian quality, and that reliability and versatility make them our go-to wine cooling systems.”

— Osman Gurer, Founder, Focus Wine Cellar

Most recently, FWG is installing a wine cellar they designed and manufactured for Aman New York, a luxury hotel and residence overlooking Central Park in Manhattan. For the Aman project, FWG selected a Wine Guardian split system with under ceiling evaporators to preserve a collection of over 900 bottles of wine.

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