Understanding the difference between wine cellars and wine coolers

A wine cellar is a dedicated space that stores wine. It could be in the basement, under the stairs, or in a closet. Used in conjunction with a wine cooling system and the appropriate racking, it will store the wine in optimal conditions for long-term aging. Successful long-term storage conditions include a consistent temperature between 55°F and 57°F (12°C and 14°C), humidity control, darkness, and no vibrations. Several hundred to thousands of bottles of wine can be safely stored in wine cellars powered by Wine Guardian wine cooling systems and humidifiers.

A wine cooler simply maintains contents at a consistent temperature and is best used for storing wine for short periods of time at the correct serving temperatures. It is generally not designed for optimal aging conditions and varies from long-term storage temperatures. Wine coolers usually range from the size of an under-counter refrigerator to several doors wide.

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