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Wine Cellar Info

Wine Cellar Cooling in Hot Climates

Looking for info on Wine Cellar Cooling in Dry Climates?

Wine Guardian offers a high ambient option specifically designed and manufactured for applications where the Wine Guardian unit will be exposed to extremely warm air, such as attic spaces, crawl spaces or covered outdoor applications. High ambient models should also be considered when outdoor air is required to be ducted to the condenser section and the temperature will be above 95° F (35°C) during parts of the year.

High ambient units must not be exposed to temperatures above 125° F (52ºC).  Wine Guardian 1/4 ton ducted wine cellar coolers, 1/2 ton ducted wine cellar coolers, and all sizes of split wine cellar cooling systems are rated to 115° F (46°C).

The high ambient option is currently available in ¼- and ½-ton systems and includes special coils, a special condenser fan and refrigeration controls.

Note: Wine Guardian is the only major manufacturer that offers this feature in its ducted systems.