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Wine Guardian Parent Company is a “Fast Track” 2009 Winner

Specialty HVAC-R design/Build Firm is a “Fast Track” 2009 Winner

Syracuse, NY, December 28, 2009 — Air Innovations, Inc. (AI) was recently named the ninth fastest growing small business in Central New York during “Fast Track” awards presentation in Syracuse, NY.

Air Innovations President and CEO Michael Wetzel, P.E. attributed the company’s growth and success to AI’s “diverse customer base, a committed management team driving divisional and departmental momentum, cross-trained factory workers and partnerships with vendors that help the company source components that solve our clients’ needs.”

The Central New York Business Journal’s annual Fast Track competition, sponsored by the accounting firm of Fust Charles Chambers LLP CPAs and HSBC Bank USA, N.A., was based on corporate revenues and employment levels for the past three fiscal years. Sponsors credited the 21 winners being “the collective engine that is leading the region to economic prosperity.” They included manufacturers, high-tech companies, banks, retail and professional services firms, representing the diverse economy found in the 16-county Central New York region that extends from the Canadian border to Binghamton.

Wetzel also credited Air Innovations’ accomplishments to “our specialized product expertise in building environmental control systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and facility enhancements that gave us more flexibility in accommodating higher production volumes,” Wetzel added. “We also identified and applied for grants that underwrote continued technology development on two product lines that have significant market share potential.” Additional investment in intellectual property protection for these new products ensures they are well positioned for strategic growth, he said.

The company’s focus is on the design, test and manufacture of products that require precise control of temperature, humidity, pressure, and air filtration. “We don’t provide “commercial-off-the-shelf” products; instead, we take a value-added approach to client engagements, developing and producing engineering content that meets our clients’ individualized and demanding specifications such as explosion proofing, filtration that achieves parts-per-million levels, temperature control to 0.01°C and humidity control to 0.5% stability,” Wetzel explained. “We are experts at environmental control systems that need to work under a variety of challenging conditions, from +40°C and full sunlight to -40°C and utter darkness, for manufacturers of satellite dishes, solar panels, medical devices, and unmanned guided vehicles, among others. Oftentimes, our technology has to conform to small dimensions, from about the size of microwave, but we also have built systems that are as big as two-car garage. These HVAC-R packages must be able to tolerate stringent reliability and compatibility standards, as well.”

Air Innovations is a small business provider to U.S. Department of Defense contractors, provides OEMs with customized environmental control solutions, and offers branded products for cleanroom, wine cellar and supermarket floral applications. All Air Innovations products are made in the USA. The company, established in 1986, is headquartered in Syracuse, NY, a city known as a global leader in environmental and energy systems.

To learn more about Air Innovations’ specialized air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, visit, write, phone toll-free 800-825-3268 or direct 315-452-7400.

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