Wine Guardian News Showcases Gallery of Vintage Cellar Custom Wine Cellars

Wine Guardian is pleased to showcase a gallery of custom wine cellar projects designed by Vintage Cellars. Vintage Cellars in San Marcos, CA, a Wine Guardian distributor, designs and constructs custom wine cellars anywhere in the USA, from small to full size for thousands of bottles. now has a gallery with photos of some of those projects.

custom wine cellar with Wine Guardian unit installedThe Memphis Project with custom racking, library lights and solid stone, designed by Vintage Cellars has a 1-ton Wine Guardian system installed.

The Nantucket Project is a custom wine cellar with front glass. This cellar has a Wine Guardian system sitting above the wine room ducted into the cellar.

Another project featured is the Escondido Project that has a 2-ton Wine Guardian ducted system installed in a custom cellar with over 4000+ bottles. This cellar was featured in Wine Spectator Nov 30, 2010.

Click here to view the entire Wine Guardian distributor’s gallery.