Genuwine Cellars has been the world leader in custom wine cellars for over 20 years. We provide turnkey wine cellar services to clients around the globe and one of the most vital elements involves engineering precision climate control wine storage. We have formed a strong relationship with Wine Guardian simply because they are the best in the world at what they do. With similar goals of quality and client service, Wine Guardian is our cooling brand of choice.
Genuwine Cellars
Reply from Wine Guardian
Thank you Genuwine! It's a pleasure working with you on some of the finest wine cellars out there!
- The Wine Guardian Team

Wine Guardian has provided us with an excellent product and great customer service. I would be happy to refer them to anyone.
Heritage Vine Inc.

Hi I have been working with Wine Guardian for the past 6 years and they have always been outstanding in providing all the information I needed relative to their systems. I have used them recently in a project in Caracas, Venezuela and the result was great! The spectacular modern wine wall with stainless steel rods and glass enclosure done by Dragon Cellars came out perfectly. Yet the ducted cooling unit provided by Wine Guardian is the backbone for this work of art. All the company's indicators and advise resulted in the installation being a complete success. I am planning on ordering more units for Spain and surely for Miami where we also have an office. Congratulations on an excellent customer service and products.
Dragon Cellars

I purchased a Wine Guardian less than a decade ago. It broke, the repairman they sent charged me hundreds of dollars to tell me the system needed to be replaced for an additional seven thousand dollars. This on top of the thousands that I had to pay to get my wine out of the non-functioning wine cellar and into a temperature controlled room.
Will Rezner

Wine Guardian is one of the preferred suppliers of wine cellar cooling systems. The units are reliable, the installation is simple and customers enjoy years of worry free, top quality, climate control. It's a pleasure to sell these systems.
Wine Cellar Depot

We purchased and had a Wine Guardian D200 installed with a installer, Jones Mechanical, who did not know the unit as well as they should have. After a number of expensive service calls, we contacted Wine Guardian's manufacture and they gave us the name of their installer in the area. Steve came out, found the unit's computer program was not set correctly - i.e. it was in "test mode". The manufacture worked with Steve from "Red Rock" and sent was a replacement unit at a fair price even though it was out of warranty.
Park City Utah

Wine Guardian and Air Innovations have been part of Wine Racks America's winning product line for over 6 years . They are such a great company to work with! Wine Guardian continues to listen to their customers and distributors, and have innovated many of the advance features found in their products. Though not the cheapest, Wine Guardian cooling systems have a proven track record of reliability and value that appeals to our clientele of upscale wine collectors who understand that, similar to wine, you always get what you pay for.
Wine Racks America

I have been using Wine Guardian's products since 2007. They have been my most reliable cooling system to date. Service and maintenance of the unit is very simple and only takes about 15 minutes. I would recommend these producers to anyone looking for a great wine cellar cooling unit.
CRu Custom Wine Cellars

Our company is quite selective when it comes to the cooling units we pair with our wine racks. Wine Guardian is one of the companies we continually use in the wine cellars we create as they make a quality product right.

Vintage Cellars has worked with Wine Guardian for over 10 years. Debbie, Mike and Russ Wine Guardian have always been so incredibly warm, helpful, and reliable. They have always gone above and beyond to ensure our customers and properly taken care of. Wine Guardian's products are impeccably engineered and we look forward to a thriving business partnership for years to come!
Vintage Cellars