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Wine Cellar Cooling Units

For centuries, the best wine producers in the world trusted deep underground caves to properly store and age fine wine. Today, wine collectors worldwide turn to Wine Guardian temperature and humidity control systems.

Our wine cellar cooling units, temperature controlled wine storage solutions, and humidifiers are designed to replicate those trusted conditions in your wine cellar, wine room cooler, wine display, or storage space.

Wine Guardian is a leading provider of climate controlled wine storage solutions. We offer the most advanced and reliable wine cellar cooling units in the industry.

Choosing the correct wine cellar cooling unit for your wine storage space

With several types of ducted, ducted-split, ductless split, through-the-wall, and Wine Guardian Pro specialty HVAC systems, we offer more models, capacities and options in wine cellar cooling units than any other manufacturer, anywhere in the world.

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Multi-Zone Wine Coolers Explained | 3-Zone Cabinets

Red, white, sparkling, and other wines have a range of ideal temperatures depending on their intended use. Whether a wine will be aged, preserved, or served quickly further determines the best temperature range at which to keep it. Beyond temperatures, humidity, light, and airflow can impact a wine’s aromas, flavor, and quality over time. Investing

Helping You Care For Your Wine Cellar

Why Insure Your Fine Wine Collection? If something happened to your collection, would you be willing to pay for the replacement value of your fine wine collection in cash? Most homeowners insurance policies do.

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Wine Guardian Reviews

Wine Guardian and Air Innovations have been part of Wine Racks America's winning product line for over 6 years . They are such a great company to work with! Wine Guardian continues to listen to their customers and distributors, and have innovated many of the advance features found in their products. Though not the cheapest, Wine Guardian cooling systems have a proven track record of reliability and value that appeals to our clientele of upscale wine collectors who understand that, similar to wine, you always get what you pay for.
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