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Wine Cellar Cooling Units

For centuries, the best wine producers in the world trusted deep underground caves to properly store and age fine wine. Today, wine collectors worldwide turn to Wine Guardian temperature and humidity control systems.

Our wine cellar cooling units, temperature controlled wine storage solutions, and humidifiers are designed to replicate those trusted conditions in your wine cellar, wine room cooler, wine display, or storage space.

Wine Guardian is a leading provide of climate controlled wine storage solutions. We offer the most advanced and reliable wine cellar cooling units in the industry.

Choosing the correct wine cellar cooling unit for your wine storage space

With several types of ducted, ducted-split, ductless split, through-the-wall, and Wine Guardian Pro specialty HVAC systems, we offer more models, capacities and options in wine cellar cooling units than any other manufacturer, anywhere in the world.

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The Perfect Wine Storage Solution for a Sommelier: A Wine Cabinet

By Marc Supsic, Certified Wine Professional and Sommelier When my wife and I first started collecting wine, we kept the bottles in boxes on the floor of our basement. As a newlywed couple on a limited budget, it was an austere beginning to what would become a lifelong passion for wine. 25 years later, I’m

Helping You Care For Your Wine Cellar

Why Insure Your Fine Wine Collection? If something happened to your collection, would you be willing to pay for the replacement value of your fine wine collection in cash? Most homeowners insurance policies do.

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Wine Guardian is one of the preferred suppliers of wine cellar cooling systems. The units are reliable, the installation is simple and customers enjoy years of worry free, top quality, climate control. It's a pleasure to sell these systems.
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