Our Wine Cellar Cooling Calculator can help you select the proper wine cellar cooling system for your wine cellar. Input just a few variables below and our calculator will provide you a capacity range in British Thermal Units per hour or Kilowatts and will suggest Wine Guardian models to best suit your needs.


When selecting a wine cellar cooling unit, it is important to pick a unit that is correctly sized for your cellar. An installed wine cellar cooling unit that is too small often runs excessively and can struggle to keep the wine cellar at a consistent temperature. Variations in temperature negatively affect the aging process. Constant cooling can also dry the air and lower the relative humidity of the room to undesirable levels, drying the corks.

An installed wine cellar cooling unit that is too large may cool the cellar too quickly, preventing the room from dehumidifying sufficiently. When cellar humidity is too high (75% RH or higher), labels may peel and mold may grow. Making sure the unit is correctly sized for your cellar is vital for preserving your fine wine investment. While our basic calculator above is a good guideline, be sure to perform an in-depth heat load calculation and do not size purely on cubic feet. The heat load calculation should take into account other heat-bearing objects such as windows, type of lighting, number of door openings per day— typically higher in commercial applications— and more.

Picking a wine cellar cooling unit that is correctly sized for your wine cellar will provide optimal storage conditions for your wine collection, while avoiding the common problems you may experience with a unit that is too small or too large.