Our expertise in wine cellars has grown better with age.

At Wine Guardian, we’re the wine cellar temperature experts. We’ve been building ducted wine cellar cooling systems longer than any other manufacturer. Our systems are the quietest and the most energy efficient available anywhere in the world. Not to mention, we have more capacities in more styles, including the two largest models in ducted systems. And if you need options in sophisticated controls, remote monitoring, or humidification, we lead the way there too. In fact, the only thing greater than our breadth of options in wine storage is the depth of our knowledge and expertise.

Our wine cellar cooling unit lineup consists of ducted (self-contained), ducted split, ductless split, and through-the-wall (TTW) systems. Our split units provide maximum flexibility in cellar designs and system location, while our TTW units are ideal for Do-It-Yourselfers because they provide easy installation — which can be done without the help of a contractor. Wine Guardian humidifiers are offered in freestanding and integrated versions. The freestanding wine cellar humidifier can be mounted to the wall with a wall-mount bracket or mounted through-the-wall with a TTW-mount bracket; versions are available for operation with a Wine Guardian cooling unit OR for use in cellars not cooled with Wine Guardian systems. The integrated humidifier is attached to a Wine Guardian cooling unit.

When you buy a Wine Guardian system, you can rest assured that your wine preservation system equipment has been designed with the most advanced concepts in temperature, humidity, and controls, while being built with highest quality and commercial grade components.

Precision Temperature Control is our Expertise

Part of that peace of mind comes from knowing that Wine Guardian is a division of Air Innovations — a company that specializes in engineering and manufacturing of environmental control systems for a variety of industries—from aerospace to semiconductors and from pharmaceutical to the military.

That means you’re working with a company whose products are made in the USAcertified for safety and tested in our state-of-the-art facility. It also means that all Wine Guardian products are supported by a worldwide sales and distribution network and a multilingual staff with decades of experience living outside our home countries.

In short, we bring together a world of knowledge in all types of environmental control systems, and focus it on creating the perfect environments for preserving your fine wine investment.