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Wine Guardian offers luxury wine refrigerators designed by expert artisans and built with the highest quality materials. We partnered with the #1 selling wine cabinet manufacturer in France to create versatile systems perfect for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and commercial spaces.

Also known as luxury wine coolers or cabinets, luxury wine fridges allow you to perfectly chill some wines to ideal serving temperatures while simultaneously preserving other bottles for long-term storage and protection against spoilage. With a Single- or Multi-Zone unit from Wine Guardian, you can come home to a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing appliance that perfectly complements your lifestyle.

Configurable Wine Cabinets

Wine Guardian is one of the only wine cabinet manufacturers offering configurable shelving. Our Configurator Tool allows you to decide the type of shelving you want in your cabinet, the placement, and the bottle size you want to store. For your convenience, you can also select from our preconfigured models. Our high-end wine cabinets feature mahogany wood shelves and premium rolling sliders for easy access to your collection.

Why Choose Wine Guardian’s Luxury Wine Fridges?

Wine Guardian is the premier name in wine refrigerators, with a history of developing ducted wine cellar cooling systems surpassing any other manufacturer in our market. Exclusively designed and manufactured by La Sommelière, the #1 selling cabinet manufacturer in France, luxury wine fridges from Wine Guardian incorporate quality, reliability, and fine craftsmanship into each system. Since 1993, La Sommelière has emphasized innovation in its designs and technologies, continually adapting its wine cooling systems to meet customer needs for conserving and aging wine.

Our Premium Wine Fridge Features

Each of our premium wine fridges offers the following high-quality features:

  • Optimal temperature control for your wine. Our wine fridges allow you to maintain ideal wine storage temperatures of 55°F to 64°F (13°C to 18°C) or serving temperatures of 46°F to 54°F (8°C to 12°C).
  • Humidity control for ideal conditions. For optimal long-term storage of your fine wines, our cooling systems are designed to automatically maintain conditions of 55% to 65% relative humidity.
  • Automatic defrost capabilities. The refrigerated components defrost automatically once the cooling cycle is complete.
  • Charcoal filters. We install an air refreshing system with an activated charcoal filter in our units for odor-free operations.
  • Solid mahogany shelving. Wine Guardian exclusively uses high-quality mahogany shelving for all shelves, drawers, and boxes in the cabinets.
  • Premium sliders. Premium rolling sliders come standard on all our drawers and shelves, allowing you to access your wine collection with ease.
  • Magnetic door sealing. Cabinet doors have a strong magnetic seal to ensure no air leakage.
  • Door lock. With a simple-to-use lock, you can restrict who has access to your cabinet.
  • UV light protection. Our treated glass doors filter as much as 70% of harmful UV rays to keep your wine from spoiling.
  • LED lighting. Soft white LED lights enhance visibility and help showcase your wine collection.
  • Quiet operation. At only 36 dBA, our wine fridges won’t disrupt a quiet, relaxing evening. 
  • Vibration-free design. To protect your wine, our systems include thick insulation foam and shock absorbers to dampen any vibrations from their internal mechanical components.
  • Caster wheels. For added convenience, caster wheels allow for easy relocation of the unit.

Connect With Our Experts for Personalized Advice on High-End Wine Fridges

The right wine-chilling fridge elevates the experience of collecting luxury wines, showing your collection to friends, and enjoying a chilled bottle as you relax. At Wine Guardian, we’re committed to creating excellent experiences for each of our clients with luxury features and configurable designs in each of our wine cooling systems. Contact us today to learn more about our available products and configurable options.

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