Cigar Storage

For a select audience, cigars are one of life’s guilty pleasures and storing them properly is the only way to ensure quality when you are ready to enjoy them. Unsurprisingly, proper humidity is at the cornerstone of an enjoyable cigar experience. Too much humidity will make it difficult to smoke or light a cigar or will cause it to burn unevenly; it may also give the cigar an undesirable, moldy taste. Too little humidity will dry out the oils that provide elasticity to the cigar wrapper, which will end up cracking. The oils also hold all the flavor of a fine cigar and vanish in a dry environment or leave behind a bitter taste. The lack of moisture also causes the cigar to burn rapidly.

cigar storage

The combination of temperature with humidity further impacts a smoke experience. Cigars stored in too much heat and humidity are susceptible to a cigar beetle infestation. Mold is another concern when relative humidity exceeds 70% in a hot storage environment.

Keeping your cigar collection below a maximum temperature of 73℉ (23℃) and between 68-74% humidity is suitable. Ideal conditions are 70℉ (21℃) and 70% humidity. Wine Guardian Pro Systems can be configured with an integrated humidifier to regulate the environment of your humidor room.

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