Fur Storage

Climate control for fur storage is less about maintenance and more about process control. The most important element in preserving fur is temperature, which protects it from deterioration. Suitable temperatures are below 55℉ (13℃) at a minimum with 34-45℉ (1-7℃) being ideal. However, there is such a thing as too cold. Freezing temperatures cause fur to expand, while thawing causes it to contract. Repeating this process season after season stretches and even tears fur—jeopardizing its longevity.

smiling woman in a fur coat

Similarly, natural oils in fur that keep it soft are susceptible to the same fate when exposed to freezing temperatures or dry air. Cold slows down the evaporation of the essential oils, but too much exposure depletes the oils and degrades the fur. If storage conditions are too warm or humid, oils from fur end up vaporizing and pelts can end up rotting, which is why humidity control between 45-55% is also important.

Conventional AC units are not able to reach cold enough temperatures for fur storage and they are not engineered to provide the precise environmental control needed to keep fur looking its best.

*Ask your fur supplier for specific temperature storage conditions

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