Server Room Cooling

Computer server rooms house expensive technology systems that are vulnerable to the harmful effects of improper temperature and humidity levels. Even large smart homes may have enough electronics to generate hot spots that can threaten equipment. All of the associated consequences, including those of improper hot spot remediation, can be easily prevented through proper storage.

Maintaining a consistent temperature between 64°-80℉ (20°-27℃) is particularly critical for preventing server room hot spots. When ambient room temperatures reach above 80℉, equipment often exceeds 100℉ (38℃) and causes system failures and damage. Even temperatures that are too low can cause thermal stress and harm. Humidity is also a consideration in the preservation of technology equipment. Lack of moisture in the air will cause a buildup of static electricity potentially causing harm to the equipment.

High humidity leads to condensation and corrosion resulting in faulty internal parts. Ideal relative humidity levels should be between 40-60%. In addition to climate control, proper ventilation for cold air intake and hot air return is a critical part of the equation.

Wine Guardian Pro systems are designed to tackle hot spot remediation in a way that comfort cooling systems are not. Our self-contained units are engineered to spot cool specific areas rather than simply reduce the overall ambient server room temperature. To simplify maintenance, the 24-volt control scheme makes it simple to integrate with any smart homes or commercial building management systems.

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