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Navasota Wine Cave Wins First-Ever Wine Cellar Picture Competition

Navasota Wine CaveWine Guardian’s first-ever Wine Cellar Picture Competition has concluded with the Navasota Wine Cave by Vineyard Wine Cellars emerging victorious. The winner received a Riedel decanter and a Wine Guardian corkscrew.

The picture competition consisted of nine pictures and three rounds of voting on Facebook to determine the winner. The participating cellars included designs by our distributors Vineyard Wine Cellars, Suzhou Madibo, Wine Cellar Innovations, Celsius Equipment Pte Ltd, and Heritage Vine Custom Wine Cellars.

The Navasota Wine Cave was the frontrunner from the start as it not only collected the most votes in the overall competition, but also the most votes in each individual round of voting.

The second-place cellar was the Ft. Worth (Tx) Mediterranean Wine Cellar, also created by Vineyard Wine Cellars.

See photos from all the featured cellars on the competition gallery page.