Commercial & Residential Wine Cellar Cooling Systems and Humidifiers

A versatile wine cellar cooling unit that provides commercial-grade temperature and humidity control is essential for homes, restaurants, or storage facilities. That’s where Wine Guardian comes in. As stylish as they are functional, our wine cellar temperature and humidity control systems set the standard for performance while offering easy installation in any wine room.

Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units are available in a number of through-the-wall, ducted and ducted split models that are quiet and energy efficient, made of commercial-grade components and equipped with more unique features and options than any other system, from any other manufacturer. Wine Guardian can also outfit your cellar with uniquely designed, integrated or freestanding humidifiers as well as remote sensing and remote monitoring systems.

Use our Wine Cellar Cooling Load Calculator to determine which system is best for you.

Ducted Sentinel Series

Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems – Versatile and self-contained providing cooling capacities for any sized area— residential or commercial wine cellars. Available four capacities ranging from 3,760-15,680 BTU/H (880-3,812 Watts).

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Ducted Split Sentinel Series

Split Cooling Systems for Wine Cellars – Provides optimal temperature and humidity control for residential or commercial wine cellars and accommodates a variety of applications. Available in capacities up to 14,900 BTU/H (3,812 Watts).

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Through-the-Wall Wine Cooling Systems – Available in two capacities up to 2,100 BTU/H (455 Watts). Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer with a small to mid-sized cellar.

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Ceiling Mounted Unit

Ceiling Mounted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems – Ceiling mounted cooling units are quiet, split wine conditioning systems that are ideal for small- to mid-size wine rooms with no room to install a traditional unit.

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Ductless Split Unit

The Ductless Split wine cellar cooling unit is a cutting-edge system versatile enough for either surface-mount or through-the-wall mounting in small cellars.

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Cabinet Cooling Unit

The Cabinet Cooling System is specifically designed to be integrated into a wine cabinet. The system is a professional grade, self-contained climate control system for regulating the temperature of a wine cabinet, wine display, or wine showcase at either aging temperatures or any serving temperature (41-64°F / 5-18°C).

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Wine Cellar Humidifiers – Designed to increase humidity levels of any size commercial or residential wine cellar. Available for TTW as a freestanding unit and ducted and split systems as either integrated or freestanding unit. Can also be used with competitors cooling units.

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Touchscreen Controller

Wine Cellar Controls and Sensors – Consistent monitoring ensures an optimal environment for your valuable wine collection. Wine Guardian systems monitor the temperature and display humidity of your cellar conditions and is the only major manufacturer that offers this feature.

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DS025, DS050, DS088 & DS200 Serving Temperature Cooling Option - Ducted Split

Options, Accessories, Controls, and Sensors – Buy options, parts, and accessories for Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling systems and humidifiers.

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