Wine Guardian’s water-cooled units are ideal for geothermal, cooling tower and lake water applications. View the water-cooled system datasheet.

No warm condenser air connections are required, so a water-cooled wine cellar air conditioner can be a good solution when warm condenser air venting is an issue.

Completely self-contained systems provide optimal temperature and humidity control for the preservation and enjoyment of your wine investment. 60Hz water-cooled ducted units are available in ¼-, ½- , 1- and 2-nominal tons of cooling capacity. 50Hz water-cooled systems are available in four capacities from 880-3,812 watts.

Features include the following:

  • Accepts inlet water temperatures as cold as 45º F (7º C) and as warm as 85º F (29º C)
  • Includes an integral water regulating valve for efficient system operation
  • Includes main control board with tie-in points to control geothermal pumps
  • Easy access water connection points at side of unit
  • Options include integral humidification, electric heat, remote control and monitoring and duct kits
  • Completely self-contained design
  • Multiple supply and return air openings
  • ETL and CSA approved (60Hz); CE approved (50Hz)
  • Factory tested prior to shipment

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Although designed for the low temperatures of a wine cellar, these units also operate very effectively at comfort conditions of 68 – 80°F and can therefore be used as supplemental coolers for unique hard to cool high heat rooms.