Wine Guardian Announces 60Hz or 50Hz Frequency Toggle on

Wine Guardian is pleased to announce the addition of the Frequency Toggle to our website, which allows you to choose between 60Hz and 50Hz when viewing Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling products. By selecting your country’s frequency in the toggle option located at the top left on, you can choose the cooling products – Ducted, Through-the-Wall or Split Systems in your chosen frequency. You will also have access to view or download the 50Hz or 60Hz data sheets, specification sheets, owner’s manuals, and the Wine Cellar Cooling Calculator.

Hz is short for Hertz, which is the international standard (SI) unit of frequency of an alternating current (AC) voltage. 50Hz means the voltage alternates 50 times per second, 60Hz means 60 times/sec. 60Hz is the normal frequency of the incoming power lines in North America and South America, while 50Hz is seen in many European countries, Australia/New Zealand, and China. If you’re unsure of your country’s frequency, you can find it in the table located at Find Your Line Frequency or via the question mark next to the toggle option on our website’s navigation bar (shown in photo below).

All 50Hz products must be purchased from a Wine Guardian distributor. You can locate a distributor by going to our distributor page and use the filter option to select by continent, country, US state/Canadian province, or select city. You can also scroll to view all the distributors with their country flag.

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