Wine Guardian® Introduces Enhanced Through-the-Wall Cooling Units

At Wine Guardian, we are passionate about continuously improving our wine cellar cooling units, so our customers have access to the most up-to-date wine cellar cooling technology available. In keeping with this core value, we have enhanced our through-the-wall line of products.

The TTW009 cooling system features a larger cooling coil, increasing the capacity for condenser heat absorption and improving the operating efficiency of these units.

Our TTW018 through-the-wall conditioning unit comes equipped with an updated compressor, creating better-paired internal systems that maximize long-term dependability.

“We are diligent in our efforts to improve and enhance our products, so we are excited whenever we can tell our customers we have an improved Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling unit to offer them,” said Wine Guardian Division Manager Mike Militi.

Wine Guardian through-the-wall wine conditioning units are ideal for small- to mid-sized wine rooms, are easy to install, and provide the quietest operation in its class. Through-the-Wall units are available in two models (TTW009 & TTW018) with capacities between 1,130-2,100 BTU/H and are available for purchase on

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