Wine Guardian Introduces Perfectly Paired Condensing Unit and Evaporator for Wine Cellars

Wine Guardian Ducted split system with condensing unit

Wine Guardian, the global leader in commercial-grade wine cellar cooling systems for homes, restaurants and commercial storage facilities, announced the introductions of the DS025 and WGS40 models of fully ducted split wine cellar cooling units to its line of wine cellar cooling systems.

The DS025 (60Hz) and WGS40 (50Hz) split wine-cellar cooling units were designed and built by Wine Guardian to create a complete split cooling system for wine cellars that perfectly matches the evaporator and condenser sections.  In 60Hz markets, such as North America, the DS025 will be a lighter weight alternative with a smaller footprint than existing options, while in 50Hz markets, such as Europe, Australia, and most of Asia, the WGS40 is a completely new Wine Guardian product. The WGS40 has the CE Mark and is fully approved for installation in Europe.

These new split systems are easy to carry at the installation site, thanks to easy-to-grip handles and are both easy to install and versatile.  The sleek new condensing unit design allows installers to mount the system to an exterior wall, balcony, or shelf as well as to a concrete pad on the ground.  These units are ideal for owners of small to medium wine cellars where venting is difficult or where conditions require longer than recommended duct runs.

The 60Hz DS025 has a BTU/H capacity up to 3,400 at 80°F/27°C (condenser inlet air) and the 50Hz WGS040 has a capacity up to 1055 watts at 27°C/80°F. Both models come with a Wine Guardian condensing unit with operating capacities from 0°F/-18°C to 122°F/50°C.

These new split cooling systems offer a variety of options. The evaporator section can be ordered with a heater, integrated humidifier, or configured as a serving-temperature system (with an adjustable, low-temperature cooling range of 42°F (5°C) to a high of 64°F (18°C).  The condensing section comes standard in a low-ambient (cold weather) version, for installation where operating conditions fall below 60 degrees (condensing unit operating extends to a minimum of 0°F/-18°C).

In addition, while some ducted split wine cellar cooling systems have lead times of 3 weeks or more, lead times on DS025 and WGS40 systems are anticipated to be just one week (after reaching production volumes).

Wine Guardian DS025 and WGS40 split cooling systems are currently available for purchase via Wine Guardian distributors.

Wine Guardian is a brand of Air Innovations, the leader in temperature and humidity control systems. All Wine Guardian products are manufactured in the USA. Air Innovations is a world leader in designing and building environmental process control systems for applications that can’t be addressed with standard HVAC equipment.

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